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East to understand. Trainer respects the owner. I never felt stupid or silly. Linda got me interested in things about dogs I never thought about before. Lots of information, but freely given at a learnable rate. I never felt like she lost me, never felt like the level of training with my dog was anything but normal. Took my pet on as a member of our family, which she is. Very entertaining. Never boring. Never strayed from the subject matter.
Stuart Brooks, Madison 16th November 2007

We appreciate that the training is not treat or punishment based. The time we spent training went by very quickly. Within 5 minutes, it was like we had a different dog. We were shocked and very pleased. I would recommend this training to anyone in need.
Carrie Baumhover, Dodgeville 16th November 2007

Linda Conrad is a very effective communicator. Jake responded very quickly in contrast to our precious formal training attempts. Jake was clearly happy with the training activities and I enjoyed working with him. We have already recommended Bark Busters. The methods are so effective. Jake appears to be more relaxed and happy. His performance improves daily and we enjoy our training time together.
Dan Antolec, Brooklyn 14th November 2007

We definitely noticed results immediately! Loved that there were no treats involved. Always pleasing when things go right and they did! Abigail likes the Bark Busters collar- she comes when I call her to go outside.
Dennis & Nancy McMillan, Madison 10th November 2007

Linda was so supportive during this process. The technique really works with dedication and commitment.
Melanie Klais, Mount Horeb 10th November 2007

Linda is awesome! We felt so comfortable with her in our home. She is a godsend! Our dogs are different already! It was very fun and very enjoyable. I haven't thought and been that interested in a long time! I have already recommended Linda and will continue to because I know she can help. I can't stay say enough about Linda. We love her. I was ready to get rid of our dogs, now I am so excited to have them because I know our home life will be so much better and less stressful! Thank goodness I saw your brochure in Victor Allens!
Kelly & Todd McNally, Oregon 10th November 2007

Linda always made sure to fully explain not only the techniques but the reasoning behind them as well. Then she'd watch us perform them & give her great positive feedback. It was truly amazing to see how effective this training was on such a young puppy. She immediately responded. It's fun to see how much our dog already knows now that we're speaking her language. We love the fact that no treats are used and it's a simple technique that can be used anywhere & anytime. We can't tell you how many friends, family & co-workers we have told about Bark Busters. It's so unique & simple & effective. We have to share it with other people! Without a doubt, we would highly recommend Bark Busters & Linda. Several times already people have commented on how well behaved our puppy already is & we let them in on the secret of Linda & Bark Busters. Linda is punctual, knowledgeable & has a knack with dogs. It's very stressful having a puppy & Linda always makes sure to point out what we're doing right before she offers very tactful advice on how we can improve.
Josh & Nicole Kalscheur, Mt. Horeb 10th November 2007

We were very impressed by the simplicity of the training. It reminded us of how we believe our own children should be raised. We also learned what we were doing wrong. You can only go as far as your taught. Also the explanation of why & what was going on really made a difference.
Howard & Marianne Stein, Oregon 6th November 2007

I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters & Linda. She was great!
Jackie White, Windsor 5th November 2007

It was shocking to see how quickly the dogs behavior changed. It was incredible! Very easy to follow. Linda was great to work with, very knowledgeable, caring and patient. We felt good that we could get the dogs to behave! I would recommend Bark Busters & Linda because the results are immediate. The training is in your home versus one hour per week type classes for 8-12 weeks. Linda is excellent and she really wants to help you get the behavior you want for your dog. And the dogs the the cube toy!
Jeri & Steve Cunningham, Madison 4th November 2007

It works! It makes sense and Bree does seem happier with me as pack leader & I am happier too. Now I can love her in a safe way. Linda was very supportive and did a great job explaining & teaching me so I can teach Bree.
Ruth Barry, Stoughton 31st October 2007

Walking without pulling on leash was amazing in how quickly this was accomplished!
Kelly Kieler, Verona 30th October 2007

Good use of visual, verbal & practice! Great to see immediate results! We were pleased with the techniques, though I struggle with using them in public, but I am training myself along with the dog. It was quite interesting & enjoyable! We went through obedience training with another company but they didn't teach corrections and that is what we needed. Bark Busters taught us how to correct on one 3-hour session!
Kris & Todd Kent, Madison 29th October 2007

Simple techniques -- great for dogs that are not highly motivated by treats or food. Lon term results are the true test of the program but we are hopeful! We are thankful to get rid of the spray bottles. Much prefer the verbal and auditory corrections. Linda was very positive, patient and clearly well practiced with this technique. We would recommend Bark Busters because of the long term follow up available if needed and for no extra charge. Comprehensive program including diet, toys, behavior modification and other canine supplies and recommendations.
Linda Bailey & David Taras, Madison 28th October 2007

The techniques make sense. I love the look of my satisfied and submisive pooch! My dogs still have a long way to go, but I did notice results, especially on walking. I look forward to a more rewarding relationship with my dogs.
Chrissi Illgen, Madison 24th October 2007

I would recommend Bark Busters because of almost instant change in the dog's behavior. Evie is a much happier and relaxed dog!
Bill Eversoll, McFarland 24th October 2007

Very interesting & enjoyable! Linda did an excellent job. It was interesting to learn about the techniques and implement them immediately. Amazing!
Ismael Araujo, Belleville 19th October 2007

Amazing! Easy in-home training with immediate results!
Alyson Buxton, Sun Prairie 17th October 2007

This was extremely useful in order for us to take back control of our dog!
Denise Scheib, Sun Prairie 16th October 2007

My dog will finally stay! Amazing results in such a short time! I have already recommended Bark Busters.
Tim Montgomery, Madison 13th October 2007

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