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The training is effective, the results almost immediate. After 2 days of training, Tess has stopped the barking. She is also coming when called!
Diane O'Donnell, Madison, WI 20th March 2007

Mac made great improvements throughout the training session. It is fairly easy to implement, and I had many "Aha" moments. If they can help Mac, they can help any dog. I really didn't know what to expect, but we really needed help with Mac. I'm glad I made the call because I think we'll enjoy Mac much more now.
Karen Helle, Verona, WI 17th March 2007

Linda did an excellent job of explaining the Bark Busters philosophy and made applications easy by linking new concepts to those we were already familiar with. By the conclusion of the first session, our issues of nuisance barking and obsessive, dominant behavior were significantly minimized. I've been put off by the politics of other trainers and methods, but the BB approach is excellent because it uses subtle, non-physical correction without treats or other lures. Linda could not have been more pleasant to work with! Her friendly, non-judgmental support educated us and helped us to realize and begin conquering our shortcomings. When we brought home our German Shepherd dog, we had an image of a balanced, mannerly, and "complete" dog, but we didn't know how to get these results. With Linda's help, we are well on our way! We have all seen marvelous dogs and thought "Wow, how great to have a companion like that!" Calling Bark Busters, using their guidelines, and doing the homework will take dog owners from wishing--to real results!
Mike & Julie Dahlman, Middleton, WI 16th March 2007

Linda was very helpful and knowledgeable. I think this has changed our dog in such a positive way!
Jaime Bracken, Madison, WI 10th March 2007

Very easy to understand- helped make sense of what was happening in our home. Reba was very willing to want to make us happy. I felt very different at first- but once we got used to "Bah," the dog really started to listen. We would recommend Bark Busters because we thought our dog was untrainable- now she's finally learning some manners! We were very surprised by how quick the dog took to this training- if it only worked on kids!
Jenny Culver, Middleton, WI 10th March 2007

Linda was very thorough. She made sure I understood the basic theories. Excellent examples used in explaining the process. It was as if Henry was a totally different dog; much calmer and much happier! I was very pleased because the techniques are humane and positive. It was fascinating because of the underlying understanding of the canine mind. I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters. I saw a change in three hours in Henry. He sure seems much happier! The Bark Busters advertising is genuine; it worked beyond my expectations!
Marsha Stewart, Middleton, WI 6th March 2007

Linda Conrad has done a great job! After one week of training, we have reduced the barking by 95%! I like that there is no physical contact. Walking on the leash is so much more fun now. I have already recommended Bark Busters because all pet owners need to know how to communicate with their dogs so the dogs will understand. Although we've got much more that needs to be done, we are so impressed wuth what we are seeing now!
Mary Jo & Tom Chappell, Dodgeville, WI 27th February 2007

It was very easy and the response from our dog was immediate!
Kendall Wethal, Evansville, WI 23rd February 2007

Traditional treat training had helped us teach Nixon how to DO things. Bark Busters has helped us conquer the more major task of teaching him NOT do to things. Fast results without food bribes. Makes sense!
Rory Boll, Madison, WI 21st February 2007

Linda made us feel very comfortable learning the new techniques. We have already had neighbors asking about Linda because they saw the Bark Busters car in our driveway. After the training, both dogs slept for the rest of the day!
Terry & Zoe McGraw, Verona, WI 18th February 2007

I like the no-treat aspect and immediate results.
Susan Thoennes, Middleton, WI 16th February 2007

Loved her! She was calm and patient and always waited until all three of us had the technique down! Huge change! As we closed the session with paperwork and questions, Ellie was laying on the floor next to us...a peanut butter bone was near her, and she didn't go after it until we allowed her to by voice command. We have already recommended Bark Busters! We have seen changes for the better in our dog! I'm so glad we found Linda!
Erin & Joe Porter, Madison, WI 9th February 2007

I have a few friends whose dogs could use this training. Although our dog has been a bit stubborn, Linda's patience and support have really helped us stay on track.
Mary Orjansen, Madison, WI 9th February 2007

I thought is was very fun and I couldn't stop laughing because I could not believe how enjoyable the training was. I would recommend Bark Busters because they know how to teach the owner how to take control.
Lindsey Zentko, Madison, WI 8th February 2007

Immediate results, and I noticed even more results within a couple of days. Solo is very smart and responsive, and Bark Busters training allowed me to take advantage of that. The more well behaved a dog is, the more places you can take them. Thanks ,Linda!
Matt Geiger, editor, Middleton Times Tribune, WI, Middleton 7th February 2007

Good visuals. I have a calmer, more relaxed dog! I like that there are no food rewards and physical force. It was fun! It was great to see the immediate results. It works! I am trying to convince several people to do the training. Bark Busters is amazing. I have a whole different dog. I love coming home to a peaceful living environment. Linda is very motivating! She takes one step at a time and explains everything in an understandable way. She brings her enthusiasm and excitement to the training. Thanks, Linda!
Chris Micklos, Verona, WI 2nd February 2007

I see how it could save some dogs' lives and since they come to your home it's more personal.
Kim Posorske, vet tech, McFarland, WI 2nd February 2007

Our dogs were very willing to participate. We are delighted not to have to deal with treats. . . . training is simple/basic "corrections". . . making it easier to accomplish our goal. Our Collie, Emma, is so much more well behaved and her barking seems to be under control. We are very happy we decided to try Bark Busters. . . . wish we had done it sooner!
Nancy & Steve Frank, -Madison, WI 30th January 2007

The visuals that Linda provided were very easy to follow and she made sure we understood the techniques thoroughly. By the end of the session, we could already see improvement in Hailey's attentiveness and ability to follow commands. Amazing! So far, the techniques have been effective in modifying Hailey's behavior. We learned a lot from Linda about why Hailey has been acting the way she has. Very valuable! Linda was great! Very informative and also very patient as we "re-learned" how to be effective dog owners.
Misty & Eric Lohrentz, Madison, WI 26th January 2007

Milo has become a different dog since his training! He listens!
Amber Blanchard, Madison, WI 25th January 2007

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