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Very easy training to follow & to explain to our family members. Bailey walked much better on a leash & barking less by the end of the training. No more yelling, which was so stressful on all of us. We can't believe how easy it is. Linda is very kind and really cares about you and your dog. The program really works, wish I heard about this sooner. Linda Conrad explains things really well, calm, but very firm. Bailey responded well!
Shirley & Jerry Haack, Cross Plains 11th August 2007

Bubber is doing well now, and she even sleeps during the day, not before (always on alert). Thank you!
Caroline & Cyril Virnig, Cross Plains 5th August 2007

Linda very thoroughly explained why behavior was occurring and why the techniques she taught would work. Maggie was a completely different dog from that day forward! We've rarely had to use the correction bags because she responds so well and I love that there is no physicality or food involved. It was learning a new way to behave with Maggie and it was a lot in a short time so it was very enjoyable. I have already recommended Bark Busters to my friends. I waited to send this in because I was sure Maggie would relapse. But from the very first day, she's been an absolute joy! One of our issues was not being able to keep her out of the kitchen when I cooked or cleaned up. I was ready to use my "Bahh" and the bag, but she didn't even come into the kitchen that 1st night after the training, and hasn't since! It's been an incredible change. One other serious issue was aggression toward visitors. No matter what I did, short of physically holding her down, she wouldn't stop barking, circling and snapping at people. A few days ago, there was a whole group of people here which would have been impossible before. This time, she sat quietly on the sidewalk and let everyone pass her without any problems at all. I'm quite shocked at how well the technique has worked and frankly, I think a lot of the success comes from how well Linda taught us! Maggie is a much calmer dog which can only be good for her as well.
Jenell & Bill Larson, Broadhead 4th August 2007

Linda did a great job explaining the training techniques and the rationale behind them. Keva responded very quickly to the techniques we introduced to her. Some exercises showed results quicker than others, but she was well on her way after only a few hours. It's great knowing that your dog will behave well not out of fear, but because she wants to. The Bark Busters principals reinforced the concepts we had learned in other training classes, but had a little different approach to them. I'd recommend Bark Busters training to anyone willing to commit to the time and energy this training takes to attain a happier relationship with their pet.
Phil Rogerson, Fitchburg 26th July 2007

It only makes sense that we needed to be the leader-not the dog as the leader. It is a very logical system -- easy to follow through -- great to see the difference in your dog! Linda was so nice and patient. She really understood what we were going through.
Todd & Tracy Wendorf, McFarland 21st July 2007

Appears to work better than the previous methods I have used. Started to see results almost immediately. Linda did a great job! I am very happy with the results, even after only 2 days! Thanks!
Donna Quandt, DVM, Madison 20th July 2007

Linda did an excellent job explaining why my puppy was behaving the way she was...very helpful to me. It's amazing! Sophie changed right before my eyes & she continues to show those changes! So simple to follow- makes sense. The time just flew by! I learned so much. I am absolutely recommending Bark Busters to all of my dog loving friends! Linda is an excellent trainer and very easy to work with. She taught me how to work with my puppy so that she can grow up being happy and secure!
Theresa Chard, Madison 18th July 2007

This was the best! Simple & Do-able! I have already recommended Bark Busters. Linda was fabulous & understanding. We were at the end of our rope until Linda arrived. Thank God for Linda! She saved us!
Jessi & Bill Pacetti, Verona 17th July 2007

Linda was awesome and I felt immediate comfort that she was going to help us. It really works - I am amazed!
Paula Damour, Middleton 17th July 2007

I was thrilled at the improvement. I had thought that Riley was too old to learn new behavior at 5½ yrs old. He was showing such good behavior on day one! I had no idea Riley thought that he was in charge. He is now a pleasure to walk on the leash. My family has seen a definite change when they visit. No more barking! I told my sister in Illinois and she is now working with her 2 schnauzers. Linda is so professional, friendly, not intimidating. I liked the fact that she didn't push the products...they sold themselves.
Jan Sand, Madison 16th July 2007

Payton picked up things right away and others too longer, but still a difference right away. Very easy to follow and convenient in home. Since I have allergies to dogs, this was a wonderful alternative for training.
Michelle Barfield, Fitchburg 14th July 2007

It really does work and can notice changes right away. Linda was very understanding of our problems with both dogs and addressed issues for both.
Dan & Trudy Clark, Mineral Point 14th July 2007

Linda was beyond excellent! She helped us understand what we needed to do to help Tugger be the dog he wanted to be. We noticed results not just by the end of training, but half way through! It's been a week now and our house is a changed place. It's a joy to come home now. At first we thought it sounded too easy. No treats? No complex paradigms? Just Bah & Good boy? It's fabulous! It works! It continues to be enjoyable. It's a joy to spend time with Tugger now. We're not having to contain & apologize. Now we play and relax. I've been singing your praises all week! I'd recommend this service to anyone. Linda took our home from being all about containing the dogs & minimizing damage to a home where everyone (dogs included) is relaxed and at peace. We look forward to many years with Tugger as the wonderful boy that he now is.
Teri & Lance Woods, Madison 14th July 2007

Techniques were explained in detail, Linda demonstrated each before I tried the technique. The 3 hours went by very quickly. Positive results were seen immediately. I wish I would have called Bark Busters when Tucker was younger- before I spent $100 on pet store training.
Martha Loy, McFarland 10th July 2007

Amazing! At first I was somewhat frustrated with my slow reactions and changing my habits. The dog seemed to catch on more quickly than me! I feel it's an excellent sensible way to train dogs and owners. Linda was excellent! She understands owner's frustrations and empathized individual needs of each dog & owner.
Joy Lane, Verona 6th July 2007

My dog seemed to enjoy the training! Linda Conrad was very calm, professional and personable.
Linda Manwell, Madison 6th July 2007

She taught me to think like a dog & it worked! My dog was walking "nose to toes" & stopped barking at the doorbell by the end of the evening. I really like no physical behavior with the dogs and not training with treats so they don't become used to it. It's amazing how damaging/distressing my behaviors like giving treats, bending over, etc. have made my dogs think that they "lead the pack." It's very effective training and really shows you how a dog thinks and how you may be letting the dog think of you as below the dog. The word "Bah" is really weird at first and takes some practice for me to get used to it, but it works!!
Marni Amburn, Madison 3rd July 2007

Linda has "saved" our family! After 2 weeks, we have a "perfect dog"! We can't believe the difference! Thank you!
Melody & John Suthers, McFarland 2nd July 2007

Stella was a different dog by the end of the night. Noticeable difference the next day! Linda did an excellent job! We loved her!
Andrea & Mike Thomas, Stoughton 30th June 2007

Linda was fabulous! Very accommodating to our schedule and so helpful. We have already discussed Bark Busters with several people and passed out her flyers. We even contacted TV15 and someone on When we were questioned, we offered much praise for the technique and for Linda. We advised our vet about the techniques used and how well Stella responded with immediate improvement. Working with Linda was a great experience that we highly recommend!
Linda & Joe Bleifuhs, Fitchburg 29th June 2007

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